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In the following, we would like to inform you about the new editions of the ZF Lists of Lubricants.

Our latest editions of the ZF Lists of Lubricants are also available via the following link:

New Editions of the ZF Lists of Lubricants

Changes launched by the oil manufacturers
Changes of released commercial products to the ZF lubricant classes launched by the oil manufacturers can be caused by the following reasons:

a.) Formula changes
b.) Change of names
c.) Introduction of new products and removal of products

These changes are continuously processed by us and considered for every new edition of the ZF Lists of Lubricants. As a result of the large number of affected oils, a itemization cannot be implemented here. Before using an oil, we ask you to check the release at the latest ZF List of Lubricants.


Further changes after the last edition of the List of Lubricants
TE-ML 01: Manual ZF transmissions for trucks with “TE-ML 01” lable on the type plate

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 02: Manual and automated ZF transmissions for trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles and special vehicles with “TE-ML 02” label on the type plate

  • Lubricant class 02B: Due to new technical requirements, oil approvals were partially withdrawn.

TE-ML 03: Transmissions for off-road equipment (off-road vehicles, special vehicles, lift truck)

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 04: Marine transmissions

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 05: Axles for off-road vehicles

  • Product group dumpers, series MT-D 3085 II and MT-D 3095 II: new assignment

TE-ML 06: Tractor transmissions and hydraulic lifts

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 07: Hydrostatic-mechanical and electric drive systems

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 08: Steering systems (non-power-assisted) for cars, commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 09: Steering systems and oil pumps for cars, commercial vehicles and off-road hicles

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 11: Manual transmissions, double-clutch transmissions and automatic transmissions for cars

  • Oil designations updated and supplemented

TE-ML 12: Axles and wheel heads for buses and trucks

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 13: ZF assemblies in special purpose vehicles

  • Sections 1.1 and 2.1, EcoLife Offroad: Reference to new list of lubricants TE-ML 25
  • Section 2.2: new gearbox P25000HD
  • Footnotes 13 and 14 adapted

TE-ML 14: Powershift transmissions, type Ecomat, for buses, trucks, and special vehicles

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 15: Brake systems for special vehicles

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 16: Transmissions for rail vehicles

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 17: Transmissions and axles for lift-trucks

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 18: Axles for cars

  • This list of lubricants will not be published for the time being.

TE-ML 19: Transfer and offset transmissions for commercial vehicles

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 20: Powershift transmissions, type EcoLife, for buses and trucks

  • New name
  • Special vehicles (offroad) and stationary applications  have been moved to the new TE-ML 25 lubricant list.

TE-ML 21: Tractor axles, transmissions for harvesters and final drives

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 23: Stationary applications

  • Low temperature limit for SAE 15W40 changed
  • Footnote 3 amended

TE-ML 24:  Historical Manual Transmissions for Trucks and Passenger Cars

  • Unchanged

TE-ML 25: Powershift transmissions, type EcoLife Offroad, for special vehicles and stationary applications

  • New edition (special vehicles (offroad) and stationary applications have been moved from the TE-ML 20).