As any specialist in the automotive vehicle industry knows that one oil is not the same as another. In this article of the magazine Up2Date of ZF, we analyze the advantages of high-performance lubricants of ZF for their automatic transmissions (Ecomat and Ecolife) and manual / automated (Ecosplit, As-Tronic, Ecomid, Ecolite), compared to other lubricants .

gota lubricante ZFTrucks and buses transmissions´s must be reliable, long-lasting and provide maximum comfort. To achieve these objectives, the type of lubricant used in the transmission is key. According to ZF specialists “Economic oils often do not meet these standards, so what you save today will cost you more in the following years.”

Compared to synthetic oils that are optimal between 12 and 18 months, we have the ZF Ecofluid-M for manual / automated transmissions that increases the interval of oil changes to 3 years, instead of the year of a standard mineral oil.

In addition, ZF lubricants offer high protection, reducing vehicle downtime. They also increase efficiency, reducing fuel consumption.

Reyca Logo 2Reyca offers high-performance lubricants ZF, Ecofluid-M and Ecofluid A Life, in its 20-liter and 209-liter formats.