Truck road freight traffic growth is projected to increase by 46 percent by 2051, according to a German government forecast. This trend offers significant opportunities for commercial vehicle shops. To take advantage of these opportunities, they need a strong partner. ZF, as the world’s largest supplier of commercial vehicles, offers a comprehensive product portfolio with more than 70,000 part numbers

The Importance of Sensors for Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are becoming established in the commercial vehicle market. Since 2015, trucks must be equipped with automatic emergency braking assists and lane departure warning systems. From 2024, more driver assistance systems will be required across the EU, such as speed assistant, turn assistant or accident data recorder.

ZF Aftermarket Solutions

With the integration of WABCO into ZF Aftermarket, independent workshops have access to a wide range of more than 70,000 part numbers, ensuring they can meet the growing demand for maintenance and repair services in the commercial vehicle segment. The inclusion of sensors for driver assistance systems is especially crucial as these systems become mandatory in the EU, presenting new challenges for workshop maintenance and repair procedures.

Complete Spare Parts Offer

In addition to providing OE quality sensors, ZF Aftermarket also supplies the necessary brackets and covers, allowing workshops to carry out complete repairs without compromising quality. However, it is important to note that the sensors must be programmed with the vehicle manufacturer’s original diagnostic software after installation.

More than spare parts

In addition to providing spare parts, ZF Aftermarket offers solutions to its workshop partners. This includes diagnostic products designed specifically for ZF products, technical training through the ZF [pro]Academy and fleet management systems such as ZF SCALAR and ZF Bus Connect. These connectivity tools enable commercial vehicle companies to improve the efficiency of their fleets, avoid unplanned repairs, and improve driver comfort.

In conclusion, ZF Aftermarket’s commitment to innovation and partnership with workshops ensures that they are well equipped to meet the changing needs of the commercial vehicle industry and provide exceptional service to their customers.