We can extend the service life of the transmission / axle by always buying original spare parts, which together with the optimal preventive and corrective maintenance significantly increase the performance and service life of the transmission.

How to identify the original ZF spare part?

The best way to be sure is to go to an official ZF distributor. In Reyca we have been official distributors of ZF for more than 25 years, where you can find all the ZF spare parts that are always GENUINE.

In addition, most ZF parts are impressed with a reference that identifies them as original ZF. All the synchronized, shafts, pinions, disc carriers, housings, etc are marked with these references.

Detalle recambio original 1 Recambio Original ZF 1 Detalle recambio original 2

Why use original spare?

There are 3 determining factors to decide for an original spare part:

  • Quality: The original spare parts have been subjected to rigorous quality tests. The ZF R&D team studies the safety requirements and then implements high quality standards. These quality standards are consistent, measurable and verifiable, with an engineering level that only ZF can offer.
  • Warranty: A breakdown caused by the use of a non-original component may leave you with a problem over which neither the vehicle manufacturer nor the replacement supplier is willing to accept responsibility for any resulting damage. Reyca Logo 2At Reyca you can find original spare parts which are backed by the guarantee of ZF.
  • Durability: The parts of the transmission work in conjunction with other parts, which is why the use of non-original spare parts could cause premature deterioration of the vehicle’s systems, thus reducing the optimal performance for which they were designed. Sometimes non-genuine spare parts are used to economize their repair or service, but there is also a high probability that this piece must be replaced more quickly, and may also cause a serious breakdown. With an original spare you will always get the longevity of your piece and this is why buying original spare parts is always your best investment.

Recambio Original ZF 3The efficiency of ZF transmissions increases when original parts are used, because those parts were designed to work together and be placed in the exact place without any modification. Our spare parts are designed with German engineering that maximizes the efficiency and durability of the spare part. One of the main advantages of using original spare parts is the fact that they will last longer. So, if you want to keep your vehicle running at its optimum capacity, and that it maintains its value over time, it is preferable to invest in an original spare part.